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Do you want to get your house or villa interiors redesigned? Or are you planning to occupy a new one and want us to help you create your dream home or office? Then, your search ends here. We will help you achieve your dream by addressing all such requirement covering your maximum expectations. The best part to work with our team is that you do not have to get into the hassle to look for another vendor for any specific jobs, we will do it all for you. Our interior designing company is well versed with all the rules, regulation and requirements related to interior design and home decor needs. We also provide sourcing channels and suggesting materials related to interior design and decoration works in Dubai and across the U.A.E.

Be it a Home Decor or an Office interior design in Dubai, we do it all.

We are proud to say that we provide a high-quality interior design and home decor solutions to our client in Dubai, since 2012. Our interior design and home decor professional's have the thorough product knowledge and its availability. This helps us to provide the best solutions for the interior design and home decor needs.

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When we meet our client, firstly we try to understand his budget and limitation for his project. Then we go through our internal discussion phase and we come up with the best solution with multiple options to suits clients need.

We don't focus on bad sales, such as giving false promises to a customer on something, which cannot be achieved. We are very clear on our objectives and ensure that the client is also on the same page. We offer free discussion on interior design works to our client, irrespective we get work from him/ her or not. You get the high level of product knowledge from the best general contractors in Dubai.

Focal points to consider while getting your house or office interior designed in Dubai.

When it comes to focal points, there are many, but the most important ones are as below:-

  • Architectural Elements: These are the unique elements, which all together in a house. For an example : Doors and Window opening on one particular room, wall partition on your hall or any room, ceiling height. These all help you and us to design a basic idea too, where to keep what. An Opening of the doors and windows also tells you what kind of light is required. For example, if the opening of your window faces the east side, then there will be always brighter in your room, if there is no blockage from the front, such as another building or wall.
  • Artwork Placement: For any house or office, artwork plays a major role, the artwork can be anything such as painting on coarse material or a frame, craft and flower vase, a statue of anything. For an example, if we place an artwork right in front of the doors on any table or on the wall in a certain height, to form an instant focal point, this will make you feel the rest of the room shining if correct color is chosen.

There are several other things such as the outside view, adding texture in your room,a  pattern of painting or wallpaper on your walls and ceiling room. We believe in perfection, and high performance is delivered by our team in conjunction with our client's satisfaction.

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