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Best Gypsum partition contractor in Dubai.

We at Aaashi, undertake gypsum partition work in Dubai. There are various type of gypsum boards and tiles available in the local market. However, we use a 12.5 mm boards for wall partition and bulkheads. In fact, for an Acoustical Ceiling Panels/ Gypsum tiles the size varies from 7 mm to 25 mm. Indeed, there are different type, design or thickness of ceiling tiles available in the local market. In general, people prefer 7-10 mm Saudi made gypsum ceiling tiles in Dubai. The cost of these tiles are less comparing the tiles of ARMATUFF. ARMATUFF tile thickness is around 20 mm and this is indeed, a good quality tile available in the market.

Gypsum wall partition in Dubai.

If you are planning to make wall partition in your office or home, then you should always consider using a qualified professional for these works.  Further, the price range for a wall partition is around AED 60/- to AED 200/- per square meter in Dubai.
Typically, the price range depends on the contractor service charge, material & time taken for the job completion. Presently, there are several types of boards and accessories available in the market. The cost of a wall partition with normal boards will cost you a minimum AED 100-130 per square meter. The price for fire rated board is AED 130 per square meter.

The board size is 1.2-meter x 2.4 meters and is available in Dark Beige Color. A recently made gypsum wall partition can be seen on below image along with interior wall painting in Dubai.

Gypsum wall partition door fixing and interior wall painting in Dubai
Gypsum wall partition in Dubai

Kitchen wall partition with sliding wooden doors in Dubai.

Recently we got an inquiry for kitchen wall partition since it was an open kitchen and the lady of the house had a small baby. A lot of people do like the open kitchen, but sometimes for sake of safety of small babies, it shouldn’t be open. Below you can see the image prior to any modification in kitchen walls.

prior to kitchen wall partition
prior to kitchen wall partition in and carpentry work in Dubai.

After a thorough discussion with the flat owner, we came up with the kitchen wall modification idea. In below image, you can see the kitchen partition work with a sliding door to the kitchen entrance and kitchen pass through.

kitchen wall partition with carpentry work
After modification the look of kitchen wall partition with sliding doors.

Furthermore, you can see below the Front view of kitchen wall partition done in Dubai.

kitchen wall partition with sliding doors
Front view of kitchen wall partition in Dubai

A short video showing fixing the gypsum track, gypsum stud, and the 12 mm normal board.

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