AC indoor unit leaking? Trace and Fix the water leakages
aluminum foil tape used on ac drain line in Dubai

AC indoor unit leaking? How to trace and repair leaking AC Indoor Unit in Dubai.

Is your AC indoor unit leaking? Or a clogged AC drain line? Know the reason for the air conditioner leaking water in Dubai.

People in Dubai face a lot of problems with their air-conditioning system, especially in the summer season. In general, the problem is a minor one, and they tend to ignore minor maintenance work. This results, customer ending up paying a lot for their home maintenance later. If your air conditioner is leaking due to an AC drain line or a bad drain line install or a clogged drain, then get it repaired. Moreover, an air conditioner leaking water can happen due to various another factor as well.

Below you can see a photo. How another air conditioner contractor, has applied “aluminum foil tape” to seal the air conditioner drain line. He just provided a temporary fix, took the money from the client and went away. I must say that it was a shoddy work and cheating a poor client, who has no idea what is happening.

aluminum foil tape used on ac drain line in Dubai

Below you can see a short video of an air conditioner leaking water in Dubai.

After effect for Air conditioner leaking water and cost involved for repair AC.

The client called us to repair the AC drain line.  The after effect will cost him a lot to compare, what he would have incurred initially when the problem started.

air conditioner leaking water and repair ac

 The reason for clogged ac drain and possible solution.

Usually, a clogged AC drain is due to a moisture and atmospheric dust accumulating in an open metal pan. A Moisture is created by the AC evaporator, which is located in an Indoor AC unit. If you repair AC or get preventive AC maintenance done, then there is a very less chance for water clogging, because the AC technician will take care of those things.

If you plan to do it by yourself, then the easy way is to pour suitable cleaning liquid or vinegar on the pan time to time and you will never face such issue.

Are you suffering from clogged AC drain lines? Need a help?

If you have a similar problem and want a professional air conditioning service, then you can anytime give us a call at +971524762689, email us at or fill an ac service form.

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