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Economical Aircon repair and service in your area
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Our services

AC Repairs

High-quality AC repairs with warranty

Annual Maintenance

Economical AMC for you air conditioning.

New AC Intallation

Quality Air Conditioning supply & install

Emergency AC Repairs

AC not working in peak hours? Call our emergency team in Dubai.

Air Conditiong Supply

Get the best price on your Air Conditioning purchase in the Emirates.

AC Duct Fabricator

Are you planning to change the Old AC ducts? We can help you.

Identify your Air Conditioning system

Deco Split Unit

You will see the indoor unit on the walls. It will have a thermostat display on the indoor unit.

Ducted Split Unit

Supply & return grills on the ceiling for this type of AC. It will have a thermostat installed on the walls

VAV Split Unit

Multiple Indoor Units and one outdoor unit. It will have a thermostat installed on the Walls or a deco type.

Chilled Water FCU

Chilled water comes from either the building or district cooling system. You will have only an indoor unit

AC repair cost in Dubai?

Common AC repair problems and solutions

AC repairs in Dubai have become tricky because many freelancers are roaming down the streets or online ads providing cheaper AC repairs / Handyman services. 

These inefficient technicians are providing:

  • Short-term solutions.
  • It is leading to frequent AC breakdowns and multiple technician visits.

They are ultimately hurting the client’s pocket. It is always advisable to do a background check of the company before hiring them. You should check the following before hiring:–

  • Their Trade license and validity.
  • Their TPL policy, if anything goes wrong.
  • The ID of the worker should match the company name on the license.

Sometimes, technicians do not respond after the payments are made. Always pay online to the company’s account instead of paying cash and not taking the receipt. 

Most common AC problems are service-related; You should always service your air conditioner, or else it leads to significant issues, especially the new generation Air conditioning system. If you facing AC compressor failure and wanted to know the reason behind it, you can click here.

AC preventive maintenance in Dubai? And what it covers?

An AC preventive maintenance covers servicing of the maximum exposed component. Our technician performs the following task when they go for a service call.

  • Cleaning the indoor unit filter, fan motor, and coil unit with high-pressure water except for the fan motor.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit condenser coil with high-pressure water to accept the fan motor.
  • Lubricating the fan motor shaft.
  • Checking the refrigerant level and topping up, if required. 

 Book your AC Maintenance, Callouts and Annual Maintenance Contracts 

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