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Aaashi Services, as a professional flooring contractor in Dubai and, has completed various small and medium size projects. Furthermore, our job as a flooring contractor is to provide the best solution to our clients, in the region. In general, there are various flooring types of tiles and flooring installation methods, because of their usage and requirements. Therefore we will try to explain as much as we can.

Flooring contractor in Dubai

Common flooring types in Dubai.

Furthermore, there are various flooring types available on the market to suit customers demand. Most of all are either wooden-based flooring, paint-based flooring, or stone-based flooring.

Following are the most common flooring types available in the market:–

flooring types ceramic flooring Dubai 

  • Vinyl Flooring.
  • Linoleum Flooring.

Tiles Flooring installation procedure by the best flooring contractor in Dubai.

Depending on the flooring type, there are various methods and applications for flooring. Most of all requires surface preparation to achieve an optimum level of work.

  • In an Epoxy flooring or solvent-based flooring, we have to grind the existing surface for proper adhesion. Then we apply sealer or epoxy primer, and after curing time, we use epoxy filler or concrete. Then we apply two coats of epoxy paint or Polyurethane paint.
  • For Hardwood and laminate flooring, we procure the tiles as per the client’s requirement, and we fix it, by laying the foam sheets, under the tiles.
  • For Tiles Flooring. ( Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Granite Tiles & Marble Tiles), we apply cement-based glue and grout or epoxy-based adhesive for marbles underneath the tiles.
  • For Vinyl Flooring, we fix it with solvent-based adhesive and sealant such as Bison Kit or by a Fevicol.

Demolishing work of existing flooring and wall tiles in Jumeirah, Dubai

 In the below video, you can see, how we removed the existing floor and disposed of it. Generally, we recommend eliminating flooring before installing new floors, because the reduction in height, looks a little bit odd, and cutting all the doors becomes a new task.

Meanwhile, we have got some videos for flooring installation of granite tiles in Jumeirah.


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