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Affordable Plumbing services with the best plumbers in Dubai.

Get professional plumbing services, from the reputed plumbers in Dubai. In general, we provide all kind of plumbing services in Dubai. Be it, a new install or a repair job, we do it all. You get the best plumber Dubai.
To begin with, let us presume, you are facing frequent plumbing problems in Dubai, such as leaking plumbing lines, especially from the Angle Valve area. Sometimes, you notice that the floor tiles are wet, even after mopping it. Inflated water bills from DEWA.

Leakage points plumbing issue get repaired by our Plumbing services with sanitary installation by best plumbers in Dubai
Possible and easy leakage points in any washroom

There can be plumbing leakages, at any event, it may happen due to no preventive plumbing maintenance. It may sound weird at sometimes to do plumbing maintenance, but trust me it is going to save you from falling into sudden plumbing emergencies. A scheduled preventive plumbing maintenance, can far cheaper than, the immediate requirement of calling a professional plumber in Dubai.

24by7 plumbing repairs by Dubai Plumber or Plumber Dubai.

For any emergency plumbing services, please do not hesitate to give us a call to our Dubai Plumber, we will ensure the plumbing services are provided as soon as possible by the best plumber Dubai. Our Dubai Plumber will be available for plumbing repairs at a bare minimum cost. Our emergency plumbing services will cost you AED 300.00 per visit, it will include minor repairs, but the client will bear the material cost.

plumbing repairs at water pump room by our plumber in Dubai
Plumbing repairs at a water pump room by our plumber in Dubai

You will see a water leak in below video due to the damaged fittings.  We first, replaced the required 2-inch high-pressure fittings and recommended our client to replace the water pump with silent water pump and conventional control with electronic pressure kit.


Water booster pump replacement by our plumber in Dubai.

espa 1.5 hp silent water pump spanish origin replaced by our plumber in Dubai
1.5 hp Espa Water Booster Pump Spanish Origin

Furthermore, our plumbers in Dubai do replacement of faulty water booster pumps. In fact, we also install new water pumps in villas and warehouse in Dubai.

Ideally, for Villas in Dubai, we install .5 hp water booster pumps, and for warehouses, it is always one hp and 1.5 hp water booster pumps.

The price for 0.5 hp Espa Water booster pump is between AED 700.00 to 900.00/- without installation charges, and cost for 1.5 hp Espa Water booster pump is around AED 1100.00 to 1400.00 without pressure kit.


In case, if the plumbing issue not getting resolved, we will schedule the next visit with required plumbing accessories or material and the next visit will cost AED 75.00 per hour.

If the leakage is due to AC drain line and if it requires Air conditioning specialist to visit. Then also the charges will be minimum. If the pump motor has gone faulty and needed an electrician to repair the water pump, then also we will be providing you the service at an affordable cost.

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