How to trace and repair leaking AC Indoor Unit in Dubai.

aluminum foil tape used on ac drain line in Dubai

Is your AC indoor unit leaking? Or a clogged AC drain line? Know the reason for the air conditioner leaking water in Dubai.

People in Dubai face a lot of problems with their air-conditioning system, especially in the summer season. In general, the problem is a minor one, and they tend to ignore minor maintenance work. This results, customer ending up paying a lot for their home maintenance later. If your air conditioner is leaking due to ac drain line or a bad drain line install or a clogged drain, then get it repaired. Moreover, an air conditioner leaking water can happen due to various another factor as well.

Below you can see a photo. How another air conditioner contractor, has applied “aluminum foil tape” to seal the air conditioner drain line. He just provided a temporary fix, took the money from the client and went away. I must say that it was a shoddy work and cheating a poor client, who has no idea what is happening.

aluminum foil tape used on ac drain line in Dubai

Below you can see a short video of an air conditioner leaking water in Dubai.

After effect for Air conditioner leaking water and cost involved for repair AC.

The client called us to repair the AC drain line.  The after effect will cost him a lot to compare, what he would have incurred initially when the problem started.

air conditioner leaking water and repair ac

 Reason for clogged ac drain and possible solution.

Usually, a clogged AC drain is due to a moisture and atmospheric dust accumulating in an open metal pan. A Moisture is created by the AC evaporator, which is located in an Indoor AC unit. If you repair AC or get preventive AC maintenance done, then there is a very less chance for water clogging, because the AC technician will take care of those things.

If you plan to do it by yourself, then the easy way is to pour suitable cleaning liquid or vinegar on the pan time to time and you will never face such issue.

Are you suffering from clogged AC drain lines? Need a help?

If you have similar problem and want a professional air conditioning service, then you can any time give us a call at +971524762689, email us at or fill a ac service form .

Dark Emperador Marble Fixing in Dubai


Dark Emperador Marble Fixing in Dubai

The Dark Emperador is usually rich brown and gray in color. In general, we use this marble on a kitchen counter tops and for a flooring in Dubai. The product origin for Dark Emperador marble is from the Spain or the Turkey.
We at, offer you the best services Dark Emperador marble fixing in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. If you wish to buy the Dark Emperador marble in Dubai, then we shall guarantee you the best price for the dark Emperador marble.

Below you can see the end result for Dark Emperador installed in Dubai Elevator.

dark emperador marble fixing in Dubai elevator.

The price for Dark Emperador marbles varies from grade to grade. If you have no experience on purchasing marbles then, it is better to hire professionals. If you are planning to change your home or office interiors with perfect marbles of your choice, then we will be able to assist you with a proper solution.

Price for the dark Emperador marble in Dubai.

The standard price for dark Emperador in Dubai is between AED 200 to AED 600/- per square meter. The cost varies due to size requirement. Standard sizes ( 30 * 60/ 60 * 60) are always cheaper than customized sizes. Country origin also makes a slight difference in pricing. Dark Emperador from Turkey is usually cheaper than the Spanish one.

Marbles from both countries are top class and it totally depends on a customer’s choice and origin preferences.

Villa maintenance and renovation work in Jumeirah

villa maintenance and view from inside for entrance door in Jumeirah brings you the perfect solution for your Villa maintenance and renovation work in Jumeirah, Dubai. We are the best maintenance contractor in Dubai region and If you are planning to refresh your Villa or Flat to completely a new look, then your search ends here. We at will take care of all your property renovation needs.

Handyman for house renovation
Be it replacing all wooden doors, floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom fittings, gypsum ceiling, electrical fit outs, air conditioner replacement. We do it all at a competitive price.
We at will ensure that you don’t face problem while searching for specific requirements/ material/ vendor. We will take care of such issues and concerns because we have the proper channel for everything related to your villa maintenance and renovation work in Dubai.

Removing doors during villa maintenance in Dubai. Best renovation guaranteed

[crellyslider alias=”wooden_door_replacement_in_dubai”]

If we refer to the above slides, the Doors looks good to me. But the client wants to replace it with a new design. Doors are available in a various price range, which starts with minimum AED 600/- and it goes higher as per the client’s requirement. A good quality solid wood door and frame in Dubai will cost around AED 3500/- and above for standard sizes.

Here is the video to show the condition of a villa in Dubai..

Below you can see the final look of the villa which we renovated in Jumeirah 3 in Dubai. In this project we removed existing villa interiors and installed everything new such as floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen and bathroom fit out and sanitary, electrical fixtures, door and wardrobe  replacement and all carpentry and masonry work.

The work was completed in 60 days and was handed over to the client without any delay.

We shall very soon update our blog as per our work progression. If, you have similar requirement, then please call us or contact us for further discussion.


Low VOC or VOC free painting in Dubai

Low VOC painting in Dubai
VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound” and it has a Good and Bad effect in Ozone Layer. We as a human being should be serious about the health hazard occurring due to VOC emission. It is an important to select a correct paint and a paint applicator. For more details on VOC emission standard you can click following links:-
Applying a paint with “No VOC” or “Less VOC” may get a little bit expensive off hand, but it has a long-term benefit. It may directly or indirectly affect your health and the environment. Nowadays most of the paint manufacturers offer a paint keeping environment and health hazard into the consideration.
Low VOC or VOC free paint manufacturers are as follows in U.A.E:-
  1. Caparol U.A.E.
  2. Jotun U.A.E.
We have a professionals, who can guide you with a proper Low VOC or VOC free paints solutions. You can contact us today for detailed discussion.

Surface Preparation for Wall painting in Dubai

surface preparation for walls in dubai

Surface preparation is mandatory when it comes to paint a surface, be it any type of paint. The substrate must be clean, sound, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and laitance. The substrate must be clean, sound, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and laitance etc. Our contractor are professionally qualified to take up any kind of surface preparation job by doing power sanding or manual sanding in Dubai, U.A.E.

We use special sanding tools to cater the need of surface preparation, and our prime focus is on Wall and Floor Painting in Dubai. We have done many projects related to Wall painting and Epoxy Flooring in Dubai.



IT services in Business Bay, Dubai


IT services in Business Bay, Dubai

We are professional and experienced IT services company operating in your area

IT Support Services- Desktop| Laptop| Servers| Networking devices in Business Bay, Dubai

small-office-network-dubai          small office network Admin |

Aaashi Team- International City, Dubai

We provide professional IT support for desktop, office servers, networking devices in Business Bay. If your business is dependent on IT support and services, then it becomes essential to choose right IT partner.

A proper IT service company will ensure that your core business does not get affected by any sudden breakdown in desktop, office servers or networking devices. If you are running your business or planning to start a business in Dubai, then we can help you the best possible way in IT Services. We also provide on-site and off-site IT support to individual or business, annual maintenance contracts for IT services, Rent/ leasing IT infrastructure in Business Bay, Dubai.

24by7 online support for IT services in Dubai.

A lot of business requires support beyond the normal business hours and on weekends. We are prepared to take any such challenges with 100 % dedicated IT support staff.
Contact us today to have a detailed discussion.

Eid Al Adha holidays declared in Dubai-2016

Eid Al Adha Dubai 2016

Eid Al Adha holidays 2016 declared

Eid Al Adha holidays have been declared and the September 11 will be the first day of the holiday and Public sector will resume work on Sept 18th, 2016. Please avoid slaughtering animals in house or streets or else you may be slapped with AED 500/- fine and the animal will also be confiscated. Proper arrangement have been made by Dubai Municipality for animal slaughtering across the region.

We wish you happy and joyful Eid Al Adha in advance 🙂

sources: emirates247, Khaleej Times.


Double bowl gray fireclay kitchen sink

Double bowl clay kitchen sink
Nantucket Sinks 33

 While exploring,

I came across the above kitchen sink idea which looks awesome to me. If you have a spacious kitchen and want to design or redesign it then you are at right place. We offer modular design for a kitchen in Dubai If you are planning to get a new kitchen for your house before moving in then Call 052-476 2689 today for detailed discussion and you can alternately learn more on modular kitchen. We can offer multiple international brands popular for the modular kitchen in Dubai.
Be it Italian kitchen sink our European kitchen fitting, we can offer you the best combination which fits your budget.
You should consider following points while considering installing modular kitchen at your house:–
1) Kitchen cabinet body material.
2) Door Material.
3) Kitchen Counter Top.
4) Hardware Brands for kitchens- such as electric or gas oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, water dispenser etc.
5) Channels & Hinges.
 Our professional advisor are available on call at the rate AED 250/ hour in Dubai. If the deal is finalize with our company then all the initial consulting charges will be waived off from the customers invoice.

Glass Partition & Frosting in Dubai.

side view after decorative films

Glass partitions are very often used in Dubai offices because it gives  a vibrant look, sound proof cabins, occupies less space in terms of thickness and easy to clean all the sides. I think the reason to opt for glass partition instead of gypsum walls is purely considering to maximize the natural illumination and transparent atmosphere. Visually, the office looks bigger when the glass walls are used. Glass walls are also easy to mount with minimum noise and dust.

The main disadvantage of glass walls are especially visitors visiting offices often hit the glass walls and get hurt badly. I have done glass wall installation in many places and have witnessed this kind of incidents where the office boss who came to do the site inspection and did not paid “attention to warning notice” and hit 3 times and got hurt badly.

So it becomes very essential to do frosting on glass considering visual aspect, such as gray stripes on the glass wall instead full decorative film. There are various shades of stickers available in the market, but the most used stickers are gray in color. I prefer to apply Korean make or European make decorative films because it gives a perfect texture and stays longer than other films. If you want to apply decorative films by yourself, then refer to this YouTube video or else we will be able to assist you to fix the frosting sticker or decorative films in a professional way in Dubai.

To install glass wall in Dubai may cost you ranging from AED 350- AED 800 per square meter. The reason for such big difference is purely based on material and professionalism.You may get glass wall partition work and a very cheap rate sometimes, but the reason for them to offer in such a low price is using low class material and fittings. A standard glass door can cost you ranging from AED  1000- AED 3500, If you go to doors ranging AED 1000- AED 1500, then the fixture will of inferior quality. If you want good renowned brand fitting such as DormaGeze fitting then it will cost you above AED 2000/-.

You can see the video here for Dorma fittings.

You can see the video here for Geze fittings

Indian and chinese Granite samples- For Kitchen- Bathroom-Flooring


Granites are commonly used as an alternative for porcelain and ceramic tiles. It is much more durable and the can be polished time to time to achieve the maximum gloss. The price range varies from AED 80-400 per square meter depending on design and pattern. Granite are commonly used as counter top for kitchen and bathroom’s , also in an open and common areas in home or buildings in Dubai.