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swimming pool contractors in UAE

swimming pool contractor

We are the professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai. Expert in Swimming pool construction in Dubai and swimming pool renovation in Dubai.

swimming pool contractors in UAE
swimming pool contractors in the UAE

What are the types of swimming pools in Dubai?

There is various kind of swimming pool construction done in Dubai. Budget & Design is an essential part of constructing a swimming pool in Dubai.

  1. Fiber Glass pool construction and maintenance:  Nowadays, fiberglass swimming pools are the most favorable choice, due to various factors:–
    • Low Maintenance cost: Usually, the surfaces for fiberglass pools in Dubai is usually non-porous. It means that the surface is far smoother than concrete pools.
    • Being a flat surface, it gives an added advantage of not having frequent Algae deposits on the fiberglass pool floor.
      algae on bottom of pool in Dubai
      algae on the bottom of a pool in Dubai

      Usually, It is also easy to clean fiberglass pool floor and keep a check on algae problems in swimming pools in Dubai.

    • Quick installation of Fiber Glass pools in Dubai:-
      The fiberglass pools are fast to construct; it is like preparing the bed for the fiberglass pool and bringing the fiberglass pool shell and fixing it.
    • High-class durability of Fiberglass pool in Dubai:- Fiberglass is one of the strongest and rigid composite material, does not break on punctures easily.

Limitations of having Fiberglass pool in Dubai:  In fact, the fiberglass pools have a limited customizable option.

If you are looking for higher depth and ultra-customized designs, then concrete pools are only the option you have. 

         2. Concrete Swimming Pools:  Moreover, Concrete swimming pools are much easier to be customized in any shape and sizes, with higher depth.

A concrete pool is for those who want extreme depth and larger pool.

It is far more durable than any other swimming pool options available as of now. The concrete swimming pools can be made ultra-luxury, but it comes with the cost.

The concrete swimming pool takes around 3 to 6 months, depending on the client’s requirements.

How is a swimming pool kept clean?

The swimming pool is kept clean by continues filtering the water by water filters installed in the pool area. There are various swimming pool filtration pumps available in the local market.

Apart, from using filter pumps, it is also recommended to use suitable chlorine and bromine dose, to keep the algae deposit at the bay.

Trusted swimming pool contractors in the UAE:–

We are one of the trusted swimming pool contractors in the UAE, we have design and engineering team, who are having long experience of installing and maintaining swimming pools across Dubai and UAE.

Swimming pool construction in Dubai.

In conclusion, be it any size, any dept. any designing requirements, we do it all.  We guarantee you a high- quality swimming pool construction in Dubai and the UAE.

Our pool construction team will get extensive input from our client to provide them what they need.

How our swimming pool construction team, works in Dubai?

We prefer giving our client full flexibility to explore and choose what they want before starting the swimming pool construction.

We start by designing and estimation. After getting the initial requirement from the client, we propose our client a fixed design and consultation charges.

Additionally, we propose the best brand and swimming pool material to our client and prefer our client to visit our reliable vendors dealing in swimming pool accessories.

It helps us to optimize the customer’s requirement for pool construction works and reduces the risk of cost overruns.

Furthermore, or pool contracting team, provides you with valuable suggestions, to make sure you get the best pool and reasonable price.

Get the best deal, from the best pool contractors in the UAE

Henceforth, we request you to let us have your requirement; our pool contractor team will get in touch with you. In fact, we will respond, within 1-2  hours to gather more details of swimming pool construction.

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