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Wall Painting Company in Dubai

A professional Wall Painting Company in Dubai, you get complete painting solutions from one of the best Wall Painting Companies. Be it an Interior wall painting or Exterior Wall Painting, you get all kinds of services from us, with a warranty.


Service We Offer

Exterior Wall Painting

High-quality exterior painting with Spray Guns

Interior Wall Painting

Zero VOC Interior wall painting company

Textured Wall Painting

Expert in Lady Design & Wall Texture Painting

Decorative Microtopping

Decorative micro-concrete for walls and floors

Professional wall painters for Homes and Offices in Dubai

Our wall painter in Dubai can undertake all kinds of interior and exterior wall painting jobs in Dubai. We follow all the safety precautions for exterior wall painting in Dubai. We have it all, be it a certified ladder or a scaffolding to reach heights. Interior wall painting is considered a little more secure than exterior wall painting. Best Wall Painting Company in Dubai. Get a quality wall painter for Homes or Offices today at a discounted price.


Exterior Wall Painting Services

Best exterior house painters near you with top-quality external wall painting services in Dubai. Below, you can refer to the procedure we follow on exterior wall paint.


Interior Wall Painting

We do high-quality low, VOC interior wall painting in Dubai. Be it Jotun Fenomastic, Wonderwall, or Hygiene paints, we are experts in quality wall paint.


Textured Wall Painting with Jotun

All kind of Textured Wall Painting in Dubai

Microtopping Dubai

Decorative Microtopping

All Kind of Micro topping works for Walls and Floors

Brands we deal with

Best exterior house painters near you

Aaashi Services provides one of the best exterior house painters near you with top-quality external wall painting services in Dubai. Below, you can refer to the procedure we follow on exterior wall paint.

The procedure we follow for Exterior wall painting in Dubai.

Usually, an outer wall painting procedure is slightly different than an interior wall painting.
For Repainting exterior walls, we follow the below procedure in Dubai:–

  • We clean the walls with a pressure washer and leave it for a day or two.
  • We expose small cracks and apply Jotashield Penetrating Primer Transparent or Jotashield Alkali Resistant Primer.
  • Application of Jotun Block Filler and then the Texture Coat to repair the cracked area.
  • After completing the procedure, we apply the touch-up coats to all repaired areas, with the final paint shade color.
  • Now is the time to use the Final shade as a Topcoat to finish the exterior wall paintwork in Dubai.

Moreover, we offer professional painting services in Dubai. Also, an expert in Home Maintenance work in DubaiInterior Designing, and everything related to Home Decor in Dubai.

Office or Residential wall painting company in Dubai.

Be it a Studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK apartment, or Villa in any community such as Greens, The Springs, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Al  Seef, Palm Jumeirah, Al Sufoh or anywhere in Dubai. We provide services everywhere and know procedures and approvals before painting with concerned authorities if required.

Quality Interior wall painting in Dubai.

We do high-quality low, VOC interior wall painting in Dubai. Be it Jotun Fenomastic, Wonderwall, or Hygiene paints, we are experts in quality wall paint.

Furthermore, below image, you will see the wall condition before and after wall painting with Jotun Wonderwall paints.

We offer various painting services in Dubai and have been a professional painting company since 2012.

Get your villa exterior painting done by Dubai’s best wall painting company.

We are offering an excellent discount for painting villa exterior walls in Dubai. Furthermore, the villa exterior wall painting can cost as low as AED 8.00 per square meter to AED 15.00 per square meter with good quality paint. Our company also provides a warranty on all repainting jobs for one year. We either use National Exterior Paints or Jotashield color extreme.

Approvals from Community Management in Dubai

Approvals are only required when you want to paint exterior walls. This is done to ensure that the paint contractor is adhering to the rules and regulations of the community and following standard procedures for painting. If you have any questions, please call us; we will be happy to assist you.

If you want a quick house painting estimate, click  Get Painting Estimate Instantly, and the price will be given to you within 5 minutes. A trusted house painting cost estimator near you since 2012.

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