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We are one of the Professional Gypsum contractor in Dubai, apart from Drywalls, we do all kinds of Gypsum Works, such as Ceiling, Cladding, Decorative gypsum wall panels, Bulkheads for Cove Lighting, etc.

Gypsum Boards by the Gypsum contractor in Dubai.


Normal Gypsum Boards

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board


Fire Rated Gypsum Board

Brands we use

Gypsum Partition company in Dubai

We have been doing high-quality Gypsum Wall Partition works since 2018. Drywall partition can be done with all types of gypsum boards, we decide depending on which area the wall partition is happening. 

  • Normal Plaster Boards Application:- 

    • If it is in a normal area/ dry area, we always go for normal/ standard gypsum board, until and unless the client wants different plasterboards, such as Fire Rated Plaster Board or MR Plasterboards.

  • MR Plasterboards Application

    • This kind of Board is used in wet areas, such as Bathrooms and Kitchen, the alternative to MR Boards are Aqua Panel, but is fairly expensive, compared to the MR Plaster Boards Aqua Panel, you can learn more about Aqua Panels and decide what board you want to choose for your wet areas. 
    • Aqua Panels are best for Bathroom Shower Areas & Outdoor, for rest areas like the kitchen, and other dry areas in the bathroom MR Gypsum board is cheap and best. 
  • Fire Resistant Plasterboards Application

    • These kinds of boards are used in those places, where the consultant has specifically mentioned using fire-resistant boards, it becomes very important to follow the complete installation instructions and components specified by the Brand, to get a Fire fire-rating certificate.

Cost of Installing Gypsum Wall Partition. 

  • For Normal Gypsum Boards, the price starts from AED 110 per sqm the price can go up if the area is small, small jobs are never calculated on a square meter basis.
  • For MR & FR Board wall partition, it starts from AED 145 per square meter
Thickness of Gypsum Wall Partition:– 
  • The overall partition thickness is around 100 mm / 10 cm, if there is a particular requirement for soundproofing, then rock wool can be installed and additional boards to be added on each side. 

Gypsum Ceiling Work in Dubai

Get the best price from the leading Gypsum Ceiling contractors in Dubai, we provide best quality material at the most economical price.

Cost for installing gypsum ceiling in Dubai

Suspended ceiling/ Drop ceiling:– 

  •  60 * 60 Vinyl Tiles:-

    • These are the most basic ceiling tiles available in the market, the thickness of these tiles is around 7 mm, and are available in various patterns. If these tiles are going in bathrooms or small areas, the cost of installing tiles with suspended frames is around AED 150 per sqm. For larger areas, it is around AED 90 per square meter
  •  60 * 60 Mineral Fibre Tiles:-

    •  The thickness of mineral fibre tiles is around 12 mm and it is usually not used in bathrooms or kitchens because it can catch stains. It is used in office areas and the cost for installing these tiles is around AED 120 per sqm
  • 60 * 60 Metal / Aluminum Tiles:- 

    • It is usually 0.7 mm – 1 mm thick tiles and the cost is around AED 110 per square meter

Plasterboard/ Dry Wall Ceiling Cost in Dubai

For a Normal board ceiling, it is around AED 150 per square meter, and for Moisture Resistant it is above AED 170 per square meter for smaller areas. 

The rates can be reduced if you compromise on the quality of material, and a lot of Gypsum contractor in Dubai are doing it. So it is your call what you want to go for.

Drywall or Gypsum Bulkhead Cost with indirect light provision is AED 150 per running meter

Plasterboard Ceiling Work
Ceiling without any joint
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60 cm suspended ceiling tiles
Available in Vinyl laminate, Mineral Fibre types
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Aluminum Tiles Perforated
Aluminum tiles comes in standard white color , it can be perforated or without holes.
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