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Bathroom Renovation cost in Dubai

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom in Dubai? And confused, that what would be the cost? So, your search ends here. We will be discussing important factor, point by point related to bathroom renovations in Dubai. 

Important points to consider, prior to Bathroom Renovation

If you considering bathroom and toilet renovation, then you should consider following points:-

  • Renovating a bathroom in Dubai for apartment owners, you must consider, few things to be kept in mind. In general, it becomes mandatory to get a NOC from building management and the concerned authority for that community.
  • Neighbors NOC, especially in  Emaar Community, because any civil work will make noise and it is always better to inform your neighbors about your planned renovation. 
  • Modifications/ Relocation of existing sanitary ware – Usually for villas modifications are not difficult, but for the apartments the modification becomes difficult, because all the pipelines are going from 1 floor below neighbors apartment.
  • Hiring licensed contractor with Liability insurance, this will help you to overcome any major break down, happened during renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Trends


Replacing the bathtubs with standalone showers is very common, nowadays in the area. People are replacing the old fashioned bathtubs with shower. 

We usually get a lot of enquiries for similar work and some of the clients only want to redo the bathtub area, not the complete bathroom. 

Issues on redoing a portion of Bathroom

When you only renovate the portion of your bathroom and toilet, the are high chances of Tiles mismatch, because it is very difficult to source same tiles.

How do we overcome such issue.

In this situation, we propose tiles/ mosaic in contrast to other walls.

Cost for converting the bathtub area to standalone shower in Dubai

For making a standalone shower as follows:–

  • Standalone shower with shower glass, linear grill and Rain Shower will cost around AED 5,500- AED 7,000. 
  • Standalone shower with shower glass, linear grill and Normal shower mixer will cost around AED 4,000- AED 5,000.

The price is just an indicative price, which will vary on what brand your choose, what tile size you choose.

Bathroom renovation cost breakup, Dubai.

Labor charges excluding material

  • To break and dispose of the existing construction waste, it cost around AED 1000/ to AED 1500/-.
  • For plaster the wall of 2.0-meter x 2.5 meters, the bathroom will cost AED 1000/ to AED 2000/-.

  • Water-proof using Mapei Waterproofing compound, it requires, roughly around AED 1000/-.
  • Tiles installation around AED 2000/ to AED 4000/.
  • Plumbing work around AED 1500/ to AED 3000/.
  • Ceiling and Lighting work around AED 1000/ to AED 2500/

So on an average, the bathroom renovation in Dubai will cost you minimum AED 9000/-, and it can go up to AED 20000/- excluding material. Tiles and Sanitary will go anything around AED 4,000 to AED 20,000/-.

High-quality bathroom renovation and remodelling cost in other areas, for an apartment in the Towers

Renovating the bathrooms in Towers are little tricky and challenging, due to so many policies and procedure in place by Building Management. Ideally, it takes minimum 2-3 days to brake and dispose of the entire inner skin of a washroom. Breaking and disposing of the construction waste is the noisiest period while making the new bathroom.

A bathroom renovation cost in Dubai upscale area’s is little expensive than the standard areas. A good bathroom renovation companies in Dubai will charge you a minimum of AED 20,000/-. The cost increases, as per customer demands on types of wall tiles, floor tiles, and sanitary-ware brands.

Bathroom renovation cost in Dubai for Villas

When it comes to bathroom remodelling Dubai for Villas, the cost varies drastically. Because documents requirement is rare, usually no documents are required in freehold areas. In any villa there are multiple, washrooms and toilets, so the labor and disposing of charges reduced.


The labour cost for Bathroom remodelling in Dubai starts from AED 7000/ bathroom, and for material, it all depends on the client. The more luxury brands you go for, the more you pay.

Bathroom renovation cost estimator Dubai

Bathroom renovation cost estimator Dubai

If you are looking for professional bathroom renovation cost estimator in Dubai, then you must get in touch with Aaashi Services. With Aaashi Services, you can get all the professional help you need to renovate your bathroom in Dubai or the complete Home renovation and restoration services.

A proper bathroom renovation cost estimator Dubai is very difficult to get. You will get contractors who will force their products and make sales. But with Aaashi Services, you will have a proper session understanding your needs and budget.

Aaashi Services will help you choose a proper product, and can guide you understanding flaws in some products, which you may not know.

An average cost of a bathroom remodels per square foot.

An average cost of a bathroom remodel per square foot will be around AED 125/ square foot to AED 175/ square foot. It is just an idea as per our experience, it may vary from customer choice and situation.

The average cost of a bathroom remodels per square foot, much depends on what you are looking. It can cost as low as AED 3000/-, and it can go up on your demand.

Points to keep in mind on bathroom renovation cost in Dubai.

1.    Never go for cheap fixing method for bathroom renovations. If you skip any of the above, you may have to break the bathroom in a month, due to leakage issue for the person staying on your floor, complaints.

2.    Get a warranty for the service of the contractor, in case, if something goes wrong in future for a specified period. If the bathroom does not leak within four weeks, it will never leak.

3.    Before,  laying the floor tiles, do the leak testing. The contractor can block all the drainage connection temporarily and can fill water till certain height and leave it for a day or two.

Get in Touch with a bathroom renovation cost estimator Dubai


Get in touch with a bathroom renovation cost estimator Dubai with a free service warranty. If you still have any doubts about bathroom remodelling Dubai, then you can always call, chat or send us an email.

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