Double bowl clay kitchen sink

Double bowl gray fireclay kitchen sink

Double bowl gray fireclay kitchen sink

 While exploring,
I came across the above kitchen sink idea which looks fantastic to me. If you have a spacious kitchen and want to design or redesign it, then you are at right place. We offer modular design for a kitchen in Dubai If you are planning to get a new kitchen for your house before moving in then Call 052-476 2689 today for detailed discussion and you can alternately learn more on the modular kitchen. We can offer multiple international brands popular for the modular kitchen in Dubai.
Be it Italian kitchen sink our European kitchen fitting; we can offer you the best combination which fits your budget.
You should consider the following points while considering installing modular kitchen at your house:–
1) Kitchen cabinet body material.
2) Door Material.
3) Kitchen Counter Top.
4) Hardware Brands for kitchens- such as electric or gas oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, water dispenser, etc.
5) Channels & Hinges.
 Our professional advisor is available on call at the rate AED 250/ hour in Dubai. If the deal is finalized with our company, then all the initial consulting charges will be waived off from the customer’s invoice.
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