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Electrical Fitting and Maintenance

A trusted Electrical Fitting Contractor in Dubai

Get a quality Electrical work by the best electrical fitting contractors in Dubai. Be it any Electrical fixture and fit-out works, we do it all. Starting with installing new plugs, sockets, switches, LED fixtures, office or room decoration fixtures, or anything that relates to Electrical works. Guiding our client the best way possible to reduce the carbon footprint by replacing their fixtures and fit out with energy efficient devices possibly with 5 star ratings.

Professional Electrical Fitting company for new install and Electrical Repair & Maintenance

We have highly skilled and qualified electrician to cater the need of any minor and significant breakdown in Dubai.
Our company undertakes all kinds of Electrical Services:–
1) Planning & Designing the electrical layouts and getting approved by Dewa and local authority through our approved consultant in Dubai.
2) Upon approved drawing, we start laying PVC conduits and fittings used in Building Installation, the material is of high impact, and rigid PVC which are approved as per Dubai standards are used. Trunking and Cable Trays are also used as per local standard if it is specified in the drawing. These trunks are normally hot dip galvanized at grade 8.8.
3) The Main & Sub main distribution boards ( MDB & SMDB) are the built as per the approved specification from Dewa approved Electrical switchgear factories. I always prefer and recommend our client to use ABB, Schnider or Hager component for Main distribution box or Sub main distribution box. The distribution boxes contain Phase Busbar, Neutral Bar, Earth Bar, Circuit Breakers. In MDB’s, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Max Demand Indicator, P.F. meter, Indicating Lamps, and associated protective devices are used.
4) Then come the laying and termination of armored cable using approved cable gland and lugs and gland from MDB to SMDB. Single core cables with the color red, blue, black, yellow, yellow-green are used for switch and sockets wiring. It is basically from the switch point to the SMDB. In cable, we always prefer to use DUCAB cables, irrespective of price, which is the most reliable brands in Dubai.
5) For Plugs, sockets, switches and other electrical fixtures, there are many good brands such as MK, ABB, Schnieder, Hager. I always recommend my client to use the best quality products because it later reduces a headache from a frequent maintenance issue.>

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