A professional granite flooring contractor in Dubai.

We at Aashna Interiors LLC, provide a high-quality granite installation work in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Be it a granite floor tile installation, or making a granite kitchen counter tops, granite bathroom counter tops, granite vanity tops, we do it all. A reliable Local Granite Installers in your area. Get a deal by the best granite flooring contractor in Dubai.

What is granite?

Granite is usually a non-porous, light colored rock. The granite slabs are made with help of Mica, Quartz and Feldspar. The composition of mineral gives multiple color and grains, the best part of the granite is that, it does not have fast wear and tear, comparing to the natural marble.

What are the Granite Available?

There are multiple variation of granite available in Dubai. Starting from lighter shade to darker ones, you get almost all. The only problem with granite is that, it does not have a grain, like marbles, but it indeed looks better, once it is installed. 

Refer to the below photograph of Alaska White Granite Counter Tops.


, what is the thickness of granite?


If you want to know more on granite’s, thickness, and color, the price of granite, then click here to get more details.