Kitchen Countertops in Dubai- Marble | Granite | Quartz & Sintered Stone

Marble Countertops Dubai

Marble countertops’ ageless beauty will enhance your kitchen. Our collection includes a variety of opulent alternatives, each with distinctive veining and lovely color variations. Marble’s strength means that it can survive routine food preparation and cooking while also adding a touch of refinement to your room with its attractive design. To achieve a seamless fit that improves the overall appearance, our skilled craftsmen carefully cut and install the marble. We provide a wide variety of options to meet your style, whether you choose the timeless elegance of Nero Marquina or the classic white Carrara marble. Our gorgeous marble countertops let you combine functionality and elegance in your kitchen.

Disadvantages of using Marble in the Kitchen

Marble, while elegant, has drawbacks in kitchens. It’s porous, making it prone to stains and etching from acidic substances like citrus. Regular sealing is required to mitigate this. It’s softer than granite, making it susceptible to scratches and chipping from heavy use. High maintenance is needed to preserve its appearance. Hot pans can cause thermal shock, leading to cracks. The initial cost is high, and it’s less durable compared to other options.

Marble prices in the U.A.E

Marble prices in the UAE vary depending on factors like type, quality, and source. On average, basic marble starts at around AED 200 per square meter, while higher-quality options can range from AED 400 to AED 3,000 or more per square meter. Exclusive and imported marbles can command even higher prices. Installation, customization, and additional services can influence the final cost. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from local suppliers and consider the overall project scope before making a decision.

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Granite prices in the U.A.E.

We use granite as an alternative for porcelain and ceramic tiles. It is much more durable and can be polished from time to time to achieve maximum gloss. The price range varies from AED 180  – AED 400/- per square meter, depending on design and pattern. Granite is an alternative to marble, which are used as a countertop for kitchen and bathrooms, and also in open and common areas in home or buildings in Dubai.

The best granite color for flooring in Dubai

The best granite color for flooring, as per my experience, is Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, and Hassan Green. Moreover, Granite stone is an ideal choice for many, and you can use it as a threshold, staircase steps, and many more. These are the best granite colors for stairs and look beautiful and elegant upon installation.

The Granite slab thickness is available in Dubai.

Our granite flooring department generally uses 2.00 cm of granite for flooring and 3.00 cm for stair steps.  These are the standard granite slab thickness, frequently available in Dubai, Sharjah, or any part of the UAE.

Granite slab types in Dubai.

Ideally, there are two types. One is polished, and another one is unpolished. Preferably, the Level 1 granite is entry-level granite and is a “commercial grade” or a “builder grade material.” The local market in UAE is filled with Level 1 Chinese granite, and it is cheaper than the level 3 + grade or Fine Grade.

The price variation while buying Granite tiles and slabs in Dubai.

Sometimes, buying granite stone becomes very tricky. The price variation differs from material to material.

The price for pre-cut granite tiles starts from AED 200/ square meter; the pre-cut sizes are 30 cm x 60 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm.

The prices for the customized size start from AED 350/ square meter, which varies surprisingly. If the size is uncommon, and the wastage of the slab is high, you pay high.

Keep in mind not all granite slabs come in pre-cut sizes. The fast-moving granite stones are Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, White, Kashmir Gold, Golden Beach, Crystal Yellow, etc.

Are you looking for a Granite purchase?

We have supplied granite slabs and tiles to many consumers in Dubai and Sharjah. Our team can provide you with the material, and you will also get a reasonable price for the installation. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail.