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How to save money on renovations in Dubai?

Based on our experience, will provide you the key points, on how to save money on renovations in Dubai? Generally, we do Home Re modelling for various reasons. The reasons are as follows:-

  • Selling the property to get a good value.
  • For renting the property.
  • For Staying in.

Selling the property to get a good value after renovation in Dubai

Importantly, you need to see, if renovating the Home, Villa or Apartment, will give you the expected raise or not. Usually, when someone buys the apartment or a villa, there is a possibility, he may not like what you have renovated. Moreover, you need to think from the new clients perspective.  In fact, we have seen clients spending too much on Property Re modelling and repenting on what they did.

It is highly recommended, to consult an authorized real estate agency, to get a valuable input. This will not only help you save money on renovation in Dubai, it will give you peace of mind by not dealing with multiple contractors for your Villa or Apartment Renovation. In addition, you can also consult a professional Home Renovation company near you.

What you can do renovating your home for selling or renting purpose?

If it is an Apartment or a villa, you need to see if the floors, kitchen, bathrooms and toilet are presentable or not. If not then Vinyl flooring is the cheap and best option for flooring, change the kitchen cabinet doors and handle and polish the counter-tops, in bathroom change the sanitary ware, re do the silicone, polishing the tiles. Painting and changing lights to LED fixture will completely change the look and feel for your apartment or a villa.

If you doing renovation to stay and wanted to save money?

Usually, in any renovation for Villa or Apartment, the most expensive part is the Bathrooms and Kitchen. In fact, there is no limit on renovations in Dubai. Our suggestion would be to look for products which are locally made renowned brands.



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