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Door spray painting service in Dubai

Spray Painting Service

Completely transform rooms, walls, and ceilings with fast, even coats of paint. This can revitalize or revamp the look of a space, and it’s great for all kinds of furniture as well; here, spray painting services become a necessity.

Most of the buildings in Dubai have typical Dark Red, Dark Brown, or mahogany-colored doors, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets, which do not go with modern design homes. 


Door Spray Painting Services in Dubai

We are receiving many inquiries for Door Spray Painting Services for Villas and apartments in Dubai. 

  • Door Spray painting in Villas:

    The ideal time to do this painting work is before you move in because it becomes difficult for spray painting guys to do such work on furnished properties. Many clients also tend to refresh the colors of their kitchen and wardrobe cabinets

  • Door Spray painting in Apartments:

    Such work in apartments becomes relatively complex due to building safety regulations. 

We usually never do door spray works inside the property, but the frames that are fixed and cannot be removed need painting onsite. 

How do you spray paint doors and door frames in apartment buildings?

We simply use odorless, water-based Acrylic Urethane Paints, which are safe for everyone, for such spray painting requirements. 

Our company specializes in interior door spray and wood stain painting services in Dubai.

Generally, there are various ways to paint internal or external doors in Dubai. Some people only like PU stain, Varnish, Shellac, or Gloss-Finish Spray Paint.

Kitchen Spray Painting Services in Dubai​

Renovating or remodeling the kitchen can be expensive, so the alternative is to spray the kitchen cabinets or wrap them if you do not like the current colors. 

Wrapping Kitchen Cabinets

  • Pros:

    • Quick & DIY-friendly: Relatively straightforward for DIY enthusiasts. It can be done in a couple of days.
    • Variety: Huge selection of colors, textures, and patterns (wood grain, metallic, etc.).  
    • Easily reversible: It can be removed if you don’t like it or it gets damaged.
    • Generally, it is less expensive, especially if done yourself.
  • Cons:

    • Durability: Prone to scratches, peeling, and bubbling, especially in high-moisture areas.
    • Seams and inconsistencies: It isn’t easy to get a completely smooth finish, especially around curves and edges. It may show seams.
    • Fading and yellowing: Can discolor over time from sunlight exposure.

Spray Painting the kitchen cabinets

  • Pros:

    • Superior durability: High-quality paint with proper prep creates a long-lasting, resilient finish.
    • Professional finish: Can achieve a flawless, factory-like finish when done correctly.
    • Color options: Virtually endless color choices, including custom mixes.
    • Versatility: Can be used on other kitchen elements for a cohesive look.
  • Cons:

    • Cost: Professional painting is more expensive, especially for complex kitchens.
    • DIY challenge: Demands meticulous prep and experience for good results.
    • Mess and fumes: This can be disruptive due to strong odors and the need to mask areas.
    • Less forgiving: Errors are difficult to fix and may require repainting entire sections.

Factors to Consider

  • Budget: Wrapping is generally cheaper, especially if you DIY.
  • Desired look: Wrapping offers more choices if you want unique textures or patterns. If you seek a factory-like, seamless finish, spray paint is better.
  • Durability: For high-use kitchens, spray paint is a more durable choice.
  • Time: Wrapping is significantly faster.
  • Reversibility: Wrapping is easy to change if you want a new look, while spray paint requires more commitment.

Additional Notes

  • Hire a pro: For both methods, hiring a skilled professional will ensure the best results and durability, especially for spray painting.
  • Consider the “why”: Wrapping might make sense if your cabinets are in good condition and you want a color change. If they are damaged or outdated, spray painting could be a more transformative solution.

Wood stain painting services

Ideally, wood staining requires many working hours. If the surface is improper, it will show even minor grain impurities. We usually do wood stain paint with brushes and rollers because there is less mess around.

Spray painting services are ideal when the home or a villa is unfurnished and vacant. We offer a significant discount if the customer opts for complete villa painting or comprehensive property maintenance services in Dubai.

Kitchen Door Spray Painting Services in Dubai
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