HVAC or Air Conditioning Service

HVAC or Air Conditioning service.

HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning” system. Along with the best renovation services, we indeed provide you the high-quality HVAC or Air conditioning service in Dubai. It is essential for a Dubai resident to take care of Air Conditioning systems, especially in summer season. There are various varieties of an air conditioning system available in the local market.

In general, you can see an ideal Air conditioning system with a ducted split unit. In this scenario, the outdoor air conditioning unit or a condensing unit stays outside and the Fan Coil Unit or FCU stays inside.

hvac or air condition service system in Dubai

How does an Air conditioning system work?

In layman’s language, the air conditioning system works similar to the refrigerator. Therefore, there are three main components of any cooling system.

  1. The compressor.
  2. The condenser.
  3. The Evaporator.

The compressor is like a heart of any air conditioning system. The work of compressor is to compress the liquid refrigerant i.e. R22 or R410 to a high-pressure gas. Further, you can see a below image of Copeland compressor.

Copeland compressor for an air conditioning unit

Therefore, the high-pressure gas travels through a condensing unit, and it releases the heat and converts to a cool liquid. The cool liquid straight away goes to the evaporator, which is also called indoor unit. Below is the image for an outdoor condensing unit and the evaporator and the cycle continues.

o general outdoor condensing unit dubai

Air conditioning service in Dubai, U.A.E.

The resident must maintain their cooling system to avoid paying more for your Air conditioning service in Dubai. In other words, if you do not get your AC serviced frequently then you will be ending up paying an equivalent amount of a new air condition for repairs.

Honestly speaking, AC repairs are very tricky. A technician can easily fool customer when it comes to an AC repair. So, it’s our request to give priority to an AC maintenance.  Wear and tear do happen, but it should not become a frequent problem.

What is AC preventive maintenance service in Dubai? And what it covers?

An AC preventive maintenance covers servicing of the maximum exposed component. Our technician performs the following task when they go for a service call.

  • Cleaning the indoor unit filter, fan motor, and coil unit with a high-pressure water accept the fan motor.
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit condenser coil with a high-pressure water accept the fan motor.
  • Lubricating the fan motor shaft.
  • Checking the refrigerant level and topping up, if required.

How much does it cost for AC service in Dubai?

Ideally, an AC service can cost you around AED 100/- to AED 250/-. The price varies from location to location and type of AC units installed in your apartment.
If you have a window AC installed, then the price may drop further, if it is in the easy location.
If you have deco- split unit, then it will cost you around AED 100/- to AED 150/-. Provided there is no time delay due to building management and security.

If you have a ducted split unit, it will cost you a minimum AED 150/- to AED 200/-, because the ducted split unit is more complicated to service.

If you have a central heating and cooling system, the indoor unit is only serviced. The cost is around AED 200/- and above because it requires highly skilled engineers to perform the AC service.

Feel free to contact us, if you facing problems with your air conditioning system.