Surface Preparation for Wall painting in Dubai

Why is Surface preparation for wall painting essential?

The substrate must be clean, sound, dry, and free from dust, oil, grease, laitance, etc. Our painting company division is professionally qualified to take up any surface preparation job by power or manual sanding in Dubai, U.A.E.

The Client must decide on the wall finish and tell the contractor his or her requirements. If a client wants a “silk finish” on his existing painted wall, the surface must be thoroughly sanded, preferably applying one coat of stucco filler. Applying one coat of stucco will remove the unevenness of the walls. Then, buffing the surface will make it smooth and ready for a re-coat. In silk finish, any problem in the existing wall will start showing after a final painting. So, the thumb rule is to prepare the wall properly for a silk quote.

Whether painting a wall or floor, you must prepare the surface thoroughly. The most common paint finishes are Silk/ Satin Finish or matte finish.

surface preparation for painting silk finish wall

Silk Finish wall painting


Matt Finish Wall Painting

For the “Matt finish” wall painting, only sanding the walls will be enough if the wall is cracked. So, the painting cost for the matte finish walls is always cheaper than silk finish walls. The paint cost is also less than that of silk finish paints.

Below, you can see a matt finish wall.

matt finish preparation for painting in Dubai
Matt finished Walls

We use special sanding tools to cater to the need for surface preparation, and our prime focus is on Wall and Floor Painting in Dubai. We have done many projects related to Wall painting and Epoxy Flooring in Dubai.

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