Water heater replacement cost dubai​

Water heater replacement cost Dubai​

Water heater replacement cost Dubai

The water heater replacement cost depends on the following factors:– 

  • Capacity of Water Heater
  • Make and Origin of the Geyser. 
  • Clear Access to Install Water Heaters.

Usually, we have seen 80 liters of water heaters installed in most of the apartments & Villas. in Dubai. In some places, it’s straightforward to go and replace the water heaters, without waiting for building management documentation and approvals, and in some places it’s a nightmare, to get access. 

A standard water heater replacement cost is around AED 700- AED 900/- where my plumber goes with a new water heater and replaces it, without any modification to the ceiling. 

If you have a plasterboard ceiling, which has no access to remove the boiler, in that case, you end up paying anything around AED 500- AED 1500 for ceiling works before and after replacing the geyser. 

Tips for getting the best price on water heater replacement

  • Obtain Multiple Quotes: Get estimates from at least three different reputable plumbers or water heater installation companies.
  • Choose the Right Capacity: Don’t overpay for a larger water heater than your household needs. A plumber can help assess the best size.
  • Consider Off-Peak Installation: You may get better pricing by scheduling your installation during a less busy time of year.
  • Check for Warranties and Guarantees: Choose a company or water heater brand that offers solid warranties on parts and labor.
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