Shower Valve Replacement Cost in Dubai

Affordable Shower and Angle Valve Replacement: What to Expect?

In this blog post we will be discussing the Shower Valve replacement Cost, Angle valve replacement cost and what to expect during the repair.  What causes these kind of problems? and How to avoid spending fortune of these kind of replacement. 

What causes shower valve and angle valve leak?

Shower Valve Leaks

Leaking Concealed Shower Valve Diverter
Leaking Concealed Shower Valve Diverter

We usually use two types of Shower Valves in the bathrooms

  1. Non Concealed Shower Valves
  2. Concealed Shower Valves

Several issues can cause shower valves to leak. Here’s a breakdown of the common culprits

  • Worn-out Cartridge: The internal cartridge controls water flow. Over time, its seals and O-rings can degrade, causing leaks around the handle or continuous dripping.
  • Damaged Valve Seat: The valve seat is where the cartridge sits. Mineral buildup or corrosion can wear it down, creating gaps that allow water to seep.
  • Loose Connections: Vibration or temperature changes can loosen the connections around the valve, leading to leaks.
  • Faulty Installation: Leaks can develop over time if the valve wasn’t installed correctly initially.

Angle Valve Leaks

  • Degraded Washer: Angle valves have a rubber washer that creates a seal. This washer naturally wears out, eventually causing leaks around the valve stem.
  • Loose Packing Nut: The packing nut secures the stem. If it loosens, water can leak from around the stem.
  • Internal Corrosion: Corrosion from hard water can damage the valve’s internal components, leading to leaks.
  • Damaged Connections: The pipe connections to the angle valve can develop leaks due to corrosion or wear and tear.

Shower Valve Replacement Cost

If it is an ordinary/ general non concealed shower mixer, the shower valve replacement cost starts from AED 200/ set, plus the cost of the shower mixer. 

If it is a concealed shower mixer, the removing the tiles and civil work also needs to be done and the price for replacing that kind of shower valve will cost above AED 1500/- plus the material.


Angle Valve Replacement Cost

Angle Valve Replacement Cost
Angle Valve Replacement Cost

Angle valve replacement can cost AED 100 per set, plus the material cost. Sometimes, there is a high risk involved replacing the angle valves, where the threaded elbow crack during refixing the valves. Then we charge lumpsum amount. 


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