Best washable paint for walls in Dubai

What are Washable paint or Stain resistant paint?

Generally, the best washable paints for walls are high-quality acrylic paints, the volume solid of acrylic is higher than other normal paints, that is the reason the washable paints are always silk/ gloss finish. Generally, all the paint comes with a white base, which gives us the flexibility to change color as per our choice.

Type of washable paints used in Dubai Interior Walls

Usually, for home, it is always recommended to use LOW VOC, water-based paints. We only use solvent-based enamel paint for industrial painting works. Usually, all the good quality paints are stain resistant, but by applying specifically the washable paints, you make sure that the walls are purely stain resistant. In addition, you also have to make sure the walls are problem-free, with no unevenness. If you apply a silk coat, all the problems will start showing. You should make sure that you apply stucco on walls and sand it down, before applying washable paints. Or else, you will have problematic painted walls.

What is the best washable paint available in Dubai?

The best washable paints for indoor walls are as follows:–

  1. Jotun Wonderwall
  2. Jotun Wonderwall smooth silk
  3. Dulux Easy Clean
  4. National Trust Anti-Stain

Price Comparison for Washable/ Stain Resistant Paint- White Color

Paint Cost Per LitreJotun Wonderwall Life/ LuxDulux Easy Clean SilkNational Anto Stain SilkNational Anto Stain Matt
White AED                                   17.50 AED                        19.25 AED                               9.50 AED                               8.67

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