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Low VOC or VOC free painting in Dubai

What is a Low VOC painting or VOC free painting?

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound, ” and it has a Good and Bad effect on Ozone Layer. We as a human being should be serious about the health hazard occurring due to VOC emissions. It is an important to select a correct paint and a paint applicator. In general, nowadays most of the paint manufacturer in Dubai, produce VOC free paints. If you have small babies and pregnant women, then you must consider “VOC free painting or Low VOC painting” because it becomes challenging to inhale inside the room, if your wall paint emits an odor. Ideally, we will recommend an odorless wall-painting.

Odorless Painting in Dubai, price comparison, and benefits

Applying paint with “No VOC” or “Less VOC” may get a little bit expensive off hand, but it has a long-term advantage. For example, a regular Jotun Fenomastic emulsion paint will cost around AED 200 to 240 for lighter shades, but if you want low VOC paints, then it shall be Jotun Hygiene. The odorless painting in Dubai will cost you around AED 30 to 35 per square meter because the price per drum is around AED 300 and above.
It may directly or indirectly affect your health and the environment. Nowadays most of the paint manufacturers offer a color, keeping climate and health hazard into the consideration.
Low VOC or VOC free paint manufacturers are as follows in U.A.E:-
  1. Caparol U.A.E.
  2. Jotun U.A.E.

 Nontoxic painting service in Dubai.

Our paint specialist will help you select the best nontoxic painting service in Dubai. We will provide the best solution suiting your budget and needs. We also recommend using paints without adding pigments to it, such as white color or off-white color. These paints are factory made, considering the nontoxic painting properties, I am sure when we add colorants or pigment to it, the VOC contents goes higher.

We have a professional, who can guide you through a proper Low VOC or VOC free paints solutions. You can contact us today for detailed discussion.

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