Tile leveling system contractor Dubai

Tile leveling system contractor Dubai.

We have come across to a scenario, where the Mason installed the tiles without a tile leveling system in Dubai. Following the next day, he faced tile alignment issues. There are various factors, resulting in this kind of problems. We are a reputed, tile leveling contractor in Dubai, understand these issues and work toward improving quality flooring installation in Dubai.

Tile leveling system contractor Dubai

Tile alignment problems and solutions:-

There is a various factor affecting, the tile alignment issue. It usually happens, when the flooring bed or the subfloor is not even. Even, if the tiles spacing is not right, the alignment issue can occur. Or else the tile grouting issues. So the conclusion is that the best way to leveling floor for tile is to use leveling wedge and leveling clips.

Below image you will see, installed, leveling clips and leveling wedges in on of our Flooring project in Greens Community, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai.

Porcelain tile installation with tile leveling system in Dubai with leveling wedges and leveling spacer

Tile leveling system Dubai.

Usually, the use of a tile leveling system is uncommon in Dubai. There are very few or negligible suppliers for tile leveling system. We prefer to importing the tile leveling system from Spain and Italy.

We mostly use, Peygran tile leveling system in Dubai. Because they are the one, which manufacturers 0.5  mm leveling clips or a T lock leveling system. The T lock leveling system consists of the leveling wedges and leveling clips.

Furthermore, the other reputed brand is Raimondi Tile Leveling System, Italy. They are also a good manufacturer for tile leveling alignment system and widely used for leveling floor for tile in Dubai. The Raimondi tile spacers start from 1.00 mm leveling clips or a T lock leveling system.

We are one of the contractors using the tile leveling system in Dubai.

Looking for flooring contractor in Dubai for Tile Leveling System.

We are one of the reputed flooring contractors in Dubai for tile leveling system, using tile leveling wedges and tile spacers and levelers; we also do property maintenance, Villa renovation, Painting Services in Dubai.

Best ceramic tile levelers in Dubai.

The conclusion is that, if you are planning a perfect tile level for your apartment or a villa, then get in touch with us today.


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