cheap home improvements in Dubai tips and tricks

How to get cheap home improvements in Dubai? A Home Improvement tips and tricks.

Getting your home improvement work done, without a plan sometimes, may cost you more than expected. As a contractor, I feel many of the homeowners, call the handyman or the technician when there is a significant issue. Usually, they forget to address other minor points, which is ongoing unnoticed. The Handyman comes and repairs the only problem, which you discussed and bills you minimum AED 200/- and goes away. Aaashi Services will discuss, the way to cheap home improvements in Dubai

In an apartment or a villa, there are a lot of easy do-it-yourself home improvements works.

Here are some Home Improvement tips and tricks.

Such as;
1) Cleaning Air Conditioner Filters.
2) Repairing and Replacing a kitchen faucet.
3) Replacing the shower head with the hose
4) Replacing the leaking kitchen basin bottle traps and flexible pipe.
5) Repairing door handles and locks.
6) Electrical socket replacement and much more.
7) Replacing cabinets hardware, such as knobs, handles, hinges, etc.
8) Replacing bath accessories with new; branded & discounted.
9) Repair or restore the tile grout, remove old silicon and renew with the new one.
10) Get WD 40/ Lubricants and lubricate all the hinges, to avoid squeaks.
11) Filling wall cracks with wall putty or plaster stucco, and repainting the spot with the same color.
12) Replacing all your conventional lamps, with LED fixture to save on your DEWA bills ( Utility bills).

Any of the above works are not at all difficult to solve, and it takes little time to understand the work and solution comes automatically in your mind. In fact, you will be saving a right amount of money. But, you must keep the “safety” in mind, before you do anything.
For examples: If at all you plan to change the electrical switch or socket, you must turn off the breakers, which belongs to that outlet. You must have the electrical tester with you to check the electrical cables, is off or not. Then only, when you are 100 % sure, replace the socket or switches.
Similarly with the Air conditioner filters servicing, turn off the breaker and the touch to the indoor unit, which is either on a wall or under the ceiling.

Are you planning, but not getting time for such work? Then go for weekend home improvement projects.

If you feel that you have a very tight schedule and cant get time on weekdays, then plan for weekend home improvement projects. In one year there are 52 weeks, you can take out some weeks for your home improvement works.

Are you unable to take out time? Do you plan to outsource the home improvement work?

In that case, we are here to support you, you can always get in touch with us. However, there will be an inspection charge.
In return, we will provide you a complete list of maintenance work required, in your apartment or villa.
If at all, you plan to go with us for the maintenance work, the inspection charges will be waived off.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, for the home improvement ideas on a budget in Dubai?

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